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What am I going to cover?

  • What is ComDev?

  • What does it do?

  • Why do we have it at the ASF?

  • What resources do we have available?

  • Get feedback from you!

What is ComDev?

  • 'Community Development' http://community.apache.org/

  • An Apache project that isn’t focussed on producing software

  • It plays a key role in helping support collaboration and attracting new contributors

  • It has an internal and external role

What is Community Development?

  • Providing resources and information for developing communities

  • Supporting and helping communities grow

  • Attracting new contributors

Why is it important to support open source communities?

  • Generally projects start small so need support to grow

  • Open source is about being open and sharing the workload

  • Encourage sustainability and attract new contributors

Community Development at the ASF

  • We have lots of projects!

  • Central place for basic information about where to start

  • We provide tools, processes and advice

  • We also coordinate and manage common tasks within the ASF (eg GSoC, Logo Repository, Info Brochure, Stickers etc)

  • We create tools (eg projects.a.o, people.a.o, reporter.a.o, helpwanted.a.o)


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Events and Participation

  • ApacheCon https://www.apachecon.com/

  • Apache Roadshows

  • Third Party Events:

    • Levels of participation from stickers, booth to talks or a track

    • If you want us to participate - please ask!

Feedback from You

  • We are here to listen and learn too!

  • How can we help support you in your open source journey?

Newcomer resources

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