Apache Training Contributing More Than Just Code

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Who am I?

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Apache Training

  • New incubating project

  • Open source training material

  • Create shared resources

  • Slides, workshops and labs

Why Apache Training?

  • Duplicated effort

  • Wisdom of the crowd

  • IP approved resources

  • Review of material

  • Free to reuse or re-purpose under the ALv2

What it is Not

  • A repo for all protects material

  • A place to create "official" material

  • To provide certifications

Issues to Sort Out

  • Content and releases

  • Ownership?

  • Licensing is more complex

  • Is ALv2 the best license for content?

Another issue

  • Slide file formats

  • They do have advantages and neat features

  • …​but lots of disadvantages

Text vs Other formats

  • Easy to edit

  • Easy to translate

  • Real version control

  • Searchable


AsciiDoctor Reveal.js

  • HTML / CSS

  • Reveal.js

  • Ruby, Node, Maven

Slide Features

  • Speaker notes / timer

  • Keyboard navigation

  • Vertical slides

  • Simple markup

  • Styled via CSS

  • PDF generation


  • HTML in browser

  • Self hosted web server

Steps to Convert

  • Copy text

  • Markup

  • Convert assets

  • …​

  • Profit!


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== !
No title
== Slide One

== Slide Two

== Slide Three


image::cat.jpg[Cat, width=50%]


video::sydney.mp4[width=640, start=30, end=60, options=autoplay]


Background images

image::stars.jpg[background, size=cover]

Background Video


Bullet Lists

* one
* two
* three
  • one

  • two

  • three

Bullet Lists

* one
* two
** one
** two
  • one

  • two

    • one

    • two

Speaker Notes

* your notes go here

Speaker View


Other Features

  • HTML pass through

  • Layout Flex / grid

  • ASCII to diagrams

Vertical Slides

=== Next Slide

Next slide

This is the next slide

Conditional slides

:IANAL: I am not a lawyer

Generating content

with urllib.request.urlopen("https://whimsy.apache.org/public/public_ldap_people.json") as url:
    data = json.loads(url.read().decode())
    people = data["people"]
    print(":committers: " + str(len(people)))
Uses highlight.js

Progress so far

  • Made one release (Incubator set of slide)

  • Several other donations in progress

You can help!

  • Did you speak at this conference?

  • Have some internal training material?

  • Have slide desks from other conference?

  • Consider donating


Ask now, see me after the session, or email me at Your email here.