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Austin Bennet

Data Engineer/Scientist

San Francisco

Austin Bennett works with data for Sling Media (a DISH Company), mentors/teaches aspiring Data Scientists through various online outlets, as well as covers odds and ends for Bamboozoology, LLC. He is also a Cognitive Linguist and Researcher with an interest in Multimodal Communication; those pursuits are largely through He is enthusiastic about the promise of Apache Beam, and Open Source Software generally.


Christofer Dutz

IoT Consultant

codecentric AG


Likes to swim outside the mainstream. He is really passionate about walking new paths. His first email to an Apache list on file was to the Cocoon project back in the year 2000. His direct involvement started in 2012 when he was elected to become an Apache Flex committer. Since then he became involved with a lot of Apache-internal groups and committees and was elected to become a Member of the Apache Software Foundation in 2015 and recently has taken up the role of mentoring several IoT podlings in the Apache Incubator.


Dmitriy Pavlov

Solutions Architect

EPAM Systems


Dmitriy Pavlov is a Java Developer enthusiastic about Open Source and in-memory computing. He is interested in system performance, information security, and cryptography. Dmitriy represents the Apache Ignite Project Management Committee (PMC) at local meetups in Russia. He runs workshops and training for Apache Ignite developers and users, and is a speaker at meetups and conferences.


Justin Mclean

Trainer and Consultant


Justin Mclean has been teaching for 10+ years and now splits his time between that and software development. He runs his own consulting company Class Software for 25+ years and has spoken at numerous conferences in his home of Australia and overseas. He’s heavily involved in open source hardware and software, and runs the IoT meetup in Sydney. He currently teaches at an online college and is a casual academic at a university.


Lars Francke

Trainer and Consultant

OpenCore GmbH & Co. KG


Lars Francke has been involved with Open Source software since 2009 and since then gained Hive, HBase and ORC committer status. As a freelancer he was focused on Big Data and Hadoop and has given numerous trainings on various topics from this ecosystem in his professional capacity. In 2016 Lars co-founded OpenCore, a Hadoop and emerging data technologies advisory firm.

Lars was the champion of the Apache training project.


Sönke Liebau

Trainer and Consultant

OpenCore GmbH & Co. KG


Sönke Liebau is a consultant based in Germany and focussed on providing expertise and teaching around Hadoop, Kafka and similar solutions from the Big Data ecosystem.

He has been working as a freelancer for many years and co-founded OpenCore in 2016.

In 2019 he was one of the founding members of the Apache Training project.


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